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Feb 19
Many of Barbara Brignone's students viewed writing as a chore—until they were introduced to Strategies for Writers.
Feb 19
Strategies for Writers engaging technology components helped motivate students to learn this critical skill.
Feb 19
When Marie Johnson used Strategies for Writers in her classroom, her students achieved real writing results.
Feb 17
This article discusses the research on how handwriting positively impacts learning and memorization.
Feb 11
A learner-verification study shows that students who used Strategies for Writers—versus those using alternative materials, including stand-alone writing programs and basal reading programs—showed significant gains in their writing abilities.
Feb 6
An independent study by the University of Cincinnati Evaluation Services Center revealed that students using Strategies for Writers outperformed students using other materials, including stand-alone writing and basal reading programs, for writing instruction. The executive summary of the results describes the study’s parameters, the significant writing score improvements made by Strategies for Writers students, and participant teacher perceptions.
Feb 4
Zaner-Bloser celebrates the winners of the Which Teacher Inspired Your Future? Contest.
Feb 3
In "The Write Stuff: Preparing the Next Generation of Writers," James Scott Miller, Strategies for Writers consulting author, adeptly frames a plan for tackling the coming “writing revolution.” His thorough understanding of the implications of the Common Core State Standards—and the coming assessments—on writing instruction grounds his compelling case for elevating and intensifying the role of writing in education.
Feb 3
A Columbus Parent article offers insight about the need for handwriting instruction in today's schools.
Jan 14
In his Psychology Today blog post, J. Richard Gentry, Ph.D., explains the implications of removing handwriting from the curriculum.


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