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Mar 25
In this Opinion piece, a seasoned educator explains why handwriting instruction cannot be neglected.
Mar 20
Judy Schoonover, OT and Assistive Technology Trainer in Louden County Schools, VA, and Sandra Schefkind, Pediatric Program Manager at AOTA, discuss occupational therapy in today's schools.
Mar 19
In this WTXL story, a Florida professor explains why adding handwriting to the state's standards is a necessary change.
Mar 13
In this Education Week Commentary, a teacher explains why she now believes handwriting is a critical 21st century skill.
Mar 10
An independent study by the University of Cincinnati Evaluation Services Center established that students using Voices Literature & Writing showed significant gains in interpersonal understanding and perspective taking, as well as gains in literacy development. The executive summary of the results describes the study’s parameters; the social development, oral language, and reading comprehension score improvements made by Voices Literature & Writing students; and participant teacher perceptions.
Mar 5
This Times Reporter article shares educators' opinions about the need for handwriting instruction in schools.
Feb 28
Dru Tomlin of the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) shares the latest research and best practices in educating students ages 10–15.
Feb 19
Many of Barbara Brignone's students viewed writing as a chore—until they were introduced to Strategies for Writers.
Feb 19
Strategies for Writers engaging technology components helped motivate students to learn this critical skill.
Feb 19
When Marie Johnson used Strategies for Writers in her classroom, her students achieved real writing results.


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