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National Handwriting Contest

2014 National Handwriting Contest

The 2014 Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest

Congratulations to the Nicholas Maxim Award winners in the 2014 National Handwriting Contest!

The Nicholas Maxim National Manuscript Champion is Maryam Al-Saidi, a fifth grade student from Cunningham Elementary School in Houston, TX. The Nicholas Maxim National Cursive Champion is Daniel Shi, a third grade student from The SEEALL Academy in Brooklyn, NY. The Nicholas Maxim Awards honor two special needs students each year for their handwriting mastery. Read more about this year’s winners.

Be sure to check back with us in early May when we announce the National Grade-Level Semifinalists and the Grand National Champion!

2014 National Handwriting Contest Winners

Congratulations to the 2014 Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest winners:

Nicholas Maxim Award

The Nicholas Maxim National Manuscript Champion is Maryam Al-Saidi, a fifth grade student from Cunningham Elementary School in Houston, TX. The Nicholas Maxim National Cursive Champion is Daniel Shi, a third grade student from The SEEALL Academy in Brooklyn, NY. The Nicholas Maxim Awards honor two special needs students each year for their handwriting mastery. Read more about this year’s winners.

State Grade-Level Winners

Judges selected state winners in Grades K–8 for both public and private schools. View list of winning schools.


Past Contest Winners


National Handwriting Contest in the News

Take a look at what's in the news about the National Handwriting Contest.

2014 News

IC Student has the ‘Write’ Stuff
A Michigan first-grader becomes a State Grade-Level Winner.

St. Leo Second-Grader Takes First Place in National Handwriting Contest
A New Jersey second-grader earns a prize as a State Grade-Level Winner.

Pair of East Elementary Students Named State Handwriting Champions
East Elementary students in fourth-grade and fifth-grade become Iowa's Grade-Level Winners.

Assumption School Student is Write On
A fourth-grade Connecticut student is named State Grade-Level Winner.

Dotting Her 'i's and Crossing Her 't's
A Minnesota kindergarten student becomes a State Grade-Level Winner.

ALES Student Tops in Cursive
A Kentucky fourth-grader becomes a State Grade-Level Winner.

Monsignor McHugh Student Gets State Medal in Handwriting Contest
A Pennsylvania kindergarten student takes home a State Grade-Level Winner award.

Two Kreft Students Place First in Iowa for Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Contest
Kreft Primary School students in first-grade and kindergarten become State Grade-Level Winners.

2013 News

Poland Student Wins Handwriting Contest
WKBN First News interviews the fourth grade Grand National Champion at Ohio's Dobbins Elementary School.

Students Honored for Handwriting
Two students from West Virginia's Jefferson Academy are awarded for excellence in handwriting.

Savannah Girls' Cursive Handwriting Wins National Penmanship Recognition
Tennessee's Northside Elementary students are recognized for their penmanship skills.

Washington Sixth-Grader Honored for Her Handwriting
A Crosspoint Academy student becomes a National Grade-Level Winner.

Local Students Recognized for Handwriting
Students at Missouri's Kirk Day School and Holy Infant School are honored for their handwriting abilities.

Following the Script: Two Redeemer Lutheran Students Win National Handwriting Contest
Two Wisconsin students receive State Winner prizes in the 2013 contest.

St. Louis Teen Wins Cursive Writing Contest
A seventh-grader at Holy Infant School becomes a Grand National Champion.

Student Wins Grand National Award for Cursive Writing
At Tennessee's Northside Elementary School, a fifth grade student's handwriting talent earns top honors.

Poland Dobbins Elementary Student Garners National Honor
An Ohio fourth-grader becomes a Grand National Champion.

Carteret Fifth-Grader Gets Handwriting Award
A special needs student from North Carolina's St. Egbert Catholic School wins the Nicholas Maxim Award.

Handwriting Champ Shows How It's Done
A second grade Grand National Champion is featured on CBS 5 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Fairbury Sixth-Grader Wins Handwriting Award
A student in Grade 6 at Nebraska's Jefferson Intermediate School earns a State Winner prize.

Cordova Student Advances in Handwriting Competition
A third-grader at Tennessee's St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School is named a State Winner in the 2013 contest.

Four St. Joseph Catholic School Students Win State Handwriting Awards
Several students from South Carolina's St. Joseph Catholic School become State Winners.

Assumption Student Shows She Has the Write Stuff
A Connecticut eighth-grader wins a State Winner award.

Ross Students Win State Awards for Handwriting
Three students from Pennsylvania's Ross Elementary School become State Winners in the 2013 contest.

Local Student Wins State Grade-Level National Handwriting Contest
At Idaho's Hibbard Elementary School, a fourth grade student becomes a State Winner.

Local Girl Wins Handwriting Competition
A third grade student at Texas' Sampson Elementary School receives a State Winner prize.

Local Second-Grader's Cursive Writing Wins Best in State
This Gaston Gazette article features a contest winner from North Carolina's Cramerton Christian Academy.

Second-Grader Morgan Turner Wins National Handwriting Contest
A Grade-Level Winner from Wheelock School in Massachusetts moves on to compete for national title.

Local School Says Cursive Handwriting is Important and Has the Awards to Prove It
Idaho's Hibbard Elementary School students show off their cursive skills in the National Handwriting Contest.

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2014 Press Releases

Special Needs Students Inspire by Earning Top Honors in National Handwriting Contest
Zaner-Bloser announces the Nicholas Maxim Award Winners in the 2014 National Handwriting Contest.

Zaner-Bloser Adds a Kindergarten Category to Kick off the 23rd Annual National Handwriting Contest
For the first time since its inception, kindergarteners are invited to compete in the contest's manuscript portion.

2013 Press Releases

Two Special Needs Students Earn Top Honors in 2013 Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest
Two special needs students win the Nicholas Maxim Award in the 2013 Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest.

Zaner-Bloser Announces 2013 Handwriting Contest Winners
Dedication to handwriting excellence pays off for National Winners and Grand National Champions in the 2013 National Handwriting Contest.

2015 Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest

Entry forms for the 2015 National Handwriting Contest will be available in September 2014.

Free Resources for Handwriting Practice

Before your students put pen to paper on their National Handwriting Contest entry form, let them practice the Keys to Legibility and handwriting skills that will make them handwriting all-stars! Here are some helpful free tools and ideas to get you started:

Handwriting Tips Videos

These short, animated videos feature handwriting tips appropriate for your grade level.

Practice Masters

Prepare your students for the contest with our ready-made Practice Masters for selected letterforms.

Create Your Own Worksheets

Give your students practice where they need it most and create your own worksheets. The free version of the ZB FontsOnline PlusTM application includes editable templates with grade-specific guidelines and Zaner-Bloser’s manuscript and cursive alphabets. 
 Try it now.

Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development Activities

Strengthen the motor skills that lead to improved handwriting with these effective activities developed by leading occupational therapists.Learn More

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Stroke Descriptions

Take your students step-by-step through proper letter and numeral formation with these easy-to-remember stroke descriptions.

The Keys to Legibility

The Four Keys to Legibility—Shape, Size, Spacing, and Slant—are essential to legible handwriting and form the criteria for judging the National Handwriting Contest. Download these kid-friendly guidelines to help your students understand each key.

Evaluation Guides

As students practice for the contest, they can use these helpful guides with grade-appropriate models of Excellent, Good, Average, Fair, and Poor handwriting to self-evaluate and improve their handwriting.

Letter Model Printables

These handy manuscript and cursive alphabet printable cards are perfect for students to use as a reference when practicing in the classroom or at home.


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