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Zaner-Bloser resources for the Georgia Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy program

Zaner-Bloser stands ready to partner with you to increase your students’ literacy skills and teachers’ confidence and capacity to provide Milestone-aligned instruction.

Cohorts 1–3

If you have already received a Striving Readers grant (Cohorts 1–3), take a look at the suite of Zaner-Bloser programs that are designed to help students address Georgia Performance Standards (GPS):

Strategies for Writers (K–8)
A proven-effective writing and grammar solution for the next generation of writers

Zaner-Bloser Next Generation Assessment Practice (2–8)
Prepares students for success on constructed response test items on technology-based assessments like Milestone

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics (2–8)
Teaches students to master the conventions of standard English critical for effective writing and success on next-generation assessments

I Read to Write (2–6): Coming Soon!
A resource for students to learn to read closely across texts, respond to text sources, and cite text evidence as part of next-generation assessment preparation

Zaner-Bloser Professional Development (PreK–12)
Helps educators meet the expectations of the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards through research-based, proven strategies for successful classroom instruction

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting (preK–8)
A complete program that makes it easy to deliver high-quality, developmentally appropriate handwriting instruction in as little as 15 minutes a day

ABC 123 Just For Me! (handwriting readiness)
The handwriting readiness level of Zaner-Bloser Handwriting that takes a fun, playful approach handwriting instruction and early literacy

Word Wisdom (3–8)
A research-based vocabulary program that aligns to the Common Core State Standards for Vocabulary Acquisition and Use and enables students to take ownership of new vocabulary

Spelling Connections (K-8)
Provides explicit spelling instruction to enable your students to retain, internalize, and transfer valuable spelling knowledge for improved results in all areas of literacy—in the classroom and beyond

A recent report by the Georgia Department of Education revealed that Striving Readers grantees would benefit from “different resources/programs to increase the literacy skills of students in the upper elementary grades.” These Zaner-Bloser programs are designed to accomplish just that through support for reading, writing, and foundational literacy skills.


Cohort 4

If you are applying for a Striving Readers grant (Cohort 4), Zaner-Bloser can be a strategic partner as you develop your Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy (SRCL) Plan, with a focus on

  • foundational literacy.
  • Milestone-aligned writing instruction and handwriting instruction.
  • professional development-learning that builds capacity.

Writing plays a key role in the development of the 21st Century/Georgia Performance Assessments skills that students need to succeed in school, college, and career. Learn about Milestone-aligned writing strategies that are designed to boost student performance and help teachers and students prepare for the forthcoming assessments. See the latest research on best practices in writing instruction that can support your SRCL Plan. In "The Write Stuff: Preparing the Next Generation of Writers," James Scott Miller, Strategies for Writers consulting author, adeptly frames a research-based Six-Point Plan for Writing Success.

Handwriting, especially in the early years, also plays a key role in “setting up” students for later literacy success. See the latest research to support the inclusion of handwriting in your SRCL Plan.

Professional Development/Professional Learning that directly supports literacy instruction and the English Language Arts Common Core Georgia Performance Standards is a cornerstone of any effective literacy plan. See the range of literacy workshops and content that can support “the how” of teaching reading and writing in a variety of delivery models for early literacy, elementary school, middle school, and high school educators.

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