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Differentiated Instruction Tailored to Meet Students' Needs

Spelling Connections provides ready-made word lists, lessons, and resources for three levels of spelling proficiency: On level, below level, and above level.

The program also provides meaningful, spelling-pattern-specific differentiated instruction in each unit for English Language Learners of all levels: Beginning, intermediate, advanced, and advanced high.

Daily Differentiated Instruction

At the beginning of each unit, teachers can quickly determine which word list students will use for that unit using pretest sentences.

Differentiated instruction is integrated into every unit in a variety of ways:

  • Research-based, differentiated word lists for three levels of proficiency
  • Differentiated pattern practice activities
  • Differentiated word sorts
  • Differentiated assessments
  • Interactive and engaging online games
  • Literacy center activities

More Support for English Language Learners

The Spelling Support for English Language Learners resource book and eResources Center website include more resources to support students' language acquisition:

  • Word and clue cards
  • Word substitutions
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Problem-solution frames
  • Audio conversations
  • English-to-Spanish word lists
  • Interactive online spelling activities

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