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Zaner-Bloser partners with educators to implement

the Common Core State Standards.

Educators have a great challenge and an opportunity for growth ahead of them in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Over the last few years, Zaner-Bloser has been preparing for the new standards right alongside educators.

Strategies for Writers is the first writing and grammar program written to the CCSS. Other programs may have been correlated to the CCSS after the fact, but our new ©2013 program completely integrates the new CCSS language of writing; provides comprehensive instruction in the CCSS text types; and uses instructional approaches, such as conferencing, researching, and integrating technology, that reinforce the goals of the CCSS.

Many of our other programs have been aligned to the CCSS to help educators fill the gaps and increase achievement in areas that their basal reading program may be lacking—in a targeted, cost-effective, high-impact, and research-based way.

Educators are also taking advantage of our professional development experts’ strategies and research-based training to get ready for the rigorous road ahead.

See how our various programs correlate to the Common Core State Standards by choosing a program and grade level below.



Read for Real

Spelling Connections

Strategies for Writers

Word Wisdom

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting

Because handwriting is a core component of literacy, Zaner-Bloser urges states to supplement their adoption of the Common Core State Standards with grade-appropriate handwriting standards.


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