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Early Literacy Topics

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Early Literacy Topics

The Building Blocks of Literacy: Developing Literacy Interests and Abilities During the Preschool Years

In PreKindergarten classrooms, children should be engaged in developmentally appropriate, joyful explorations of literacy, language, and print. But what does this really mean? What do effective early-literacy programs really look like? What research supports current best practices? In this topic, we will examine critical language and literacy practices for today’s PreKindergarten classrooms. Participants will learn strategies for developing children’s phonological and phonemic awareness abilities, alphabet knowledge, and print knowledge and will gain ideas for creating an environment that promotes enthusiasm and motivation for learning to read and write.

Topic Number PD30

PreK and the BIG FIVE: Building a Firm Foundation for Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, & Comprehension

Researchers have identified the strongest predictors of young children’s later reading, writing, and spelling success, as well as characteristics of environments that contribute to gains that are linked to later literacy outcomes. In this hands-on topic, we will explore how findings from research in early literacy can be addressed in programs for children ages three through five. Emphasis will be on the design of developmentally appropriate and meaningful instructional experiences to facilitate the acquisition of pre-reading, as well as future reading, writing, and spelling skills and abilities.

Topic Number PD31

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