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Handwriting Instruction—When and How You Want to Deliver It

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting now offers the eToolkit™ for teachers who want to more easily incorporate meaningful handwriting instruction throughout the school day in content-area lessons.

Watch the video for an overview of how to use the eTookit.

Custom step-by-step lesson

Save time and provide focused, coherent instruction with integrated handwriting instruction and practice.

With the eToolkit’s lesson builder, My Lessons, it’s easy to integrate handwriting into your content-area lessons as you plan. Create short, custom handwriting skill-development activities using the eToolkit’s fun and engaging Interactive Tools, ranging from videos and animated letter models to games and practice resources.

Animated numeral model with stroke descriptions

Provide a minilesson or review of a particular letterform or numeral.

If your students are having difficulty forming certain letters or numerals, you can build in some extra handwriting practice using My Lessons.

Projectable teacher-created writing activity

Create writing prompts for opportunities to write about math, science, language arts, social studies, and other content area topics.

Provide cross-curricular writing mini-lessons by simply typing a question about a topic and having your students write out their answer to the question legibly. The whole class can then continue with more activities to help them prepare for whatever subject area you are covering.

Video to provide background information

Add notes and hyperlinks to enhance lesson concepts.

Provide background information on any topic or concept by inserting notes and hyperlinks to web resources directly into a lesson.

ZB FontsOnline Plus™ worksheet template

Use the eToolkit’s Interactive Tools and template application to customize, print, and save lessons online.

It is simple to save, preview, and print lessons to facilitate planning and instruction. With the eToolkit’s worksheet template application, ZB FontsOnline Plus, you can create word lists, practice worksheets, and more!


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