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Teach All Students to Shine

It’s a feeling only educators can describe: the moment they share students’ joy at printing their names for the first time, or watch as students express themselves with ease and fluidity through a handwritten essay. That combination of pride, accomplishment, and excitement is a feeling that every student should experience—and every teacher should have the opportunity to provide.

At Zaner-Bloser, we work closely with teachers to ensure that all students don’t just write their letters, but that they can express themselves as confident, capable communicators as well!

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The Zaner-Bloser Method

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting and Zaner-Bloser La escritura feature the same intelligent approach to instruction that has proven successful for generations of children. Our efficient, effective method can be implemented through direct instruction and across disciplines in just 15 minutes per day!

See why Zaner-Bloser is the Gold
Standard for handwriting instruction.

  • The Keys to Legibility (Shape, Size, Spacing, Slant) for instruction and self-assessment
  • Three-Step Lesson: Model, Practice, Evaluate
  • Four basic strokes to form all letters (manuscript and cursive)
  • Simple, student-friendly language
  • Consistent sequence of instruction—now available in K–6 for English and Spanish
  • Print and digital support for students
  • Easy-to-use Teacher Edition with point-of-use support
  • Choice of introducing cursive in grade 2 or grade 3

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Teach All Students to Shine

We want to ensure that all students don’t just write their letters, but can express themselves as confident, capable communicators as well! Zaner-Bloser Handwriting and Zaner-Bloser La escritura © 2020 feature a host of new opportunities for students to shine as writers, composers, and thinkers. Updates to the program make our instruction more inclusive with additional hands-on application.

See what’s key for students in © 2020.

  • Zaner-Bloser La escritura adds instruction at grades 4, 5, and 6! All students now have access to the gold standard in handwriting in both English and Spanish.
  • Handwriting quests at MyZBPortal.com track student progress from tracing to free writing. Students complete each quest by self-selecting their best work based on the four keys and pinning it for review. Use a stylus and a tablet for optimal student experience.
  • Reading Historical Documents exercises for grades 4 and 6 provide crucial practice in reading primary sources—many in their original cursive.
  • Handwriting Activity Cards encourage additional practice with colorful cards that can be used for small group work, at activity centers, or for individual enjoyment.
  • QR codes in the Practice Masters allow students to scan and link to Animated Letter Models and other instructional videos.

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Time-Saving Materials for Teachers

The © 2020 edition features exciting tips and digital tools to make teaching handwriting even more efficient!

See what’s key for teachers in © 2020.

  • Online handwriting quests can be auto-generated or assigned to individual students. Progress and activity data is reported to teachers in real time.
  • Student Edition Pages (available through the Quick Lessons tab in the MyZBPortal.com Table of Contents) can be projected on a whiteboard for easy whole-class instruction. Animated Letter Models are also linked to QR codes throughout the print Student Edition and Practice Masters so students can revisit the strokes and increasingly take ownership for their learning in class and at home.
  • ZB FontsOnline is now ZB Worksheet Maker. Available at MyZBPortal.com, this easy-to-use tool allows teachers to generate their own practice masters (cursive and manuscript) across different content areas. Choose your template and add in content that also provides additional handwriting activity. New features include graphic organizers, Spanish templates, printable PDFs, and the ability to create traceable worksheets.

My ZBPortal.com

MyZBPortal.com is the home for all Zaner-Bloser digital literacy solutions. The web-based portal allows students and teachers to access online resources from anywhere.

Curious to see how they all work together?

Download a program overview brochure for both English and Spanish that includes program components, sample Teacher and Student Edition pages, and more!

Download a Zaner-Bloser La escritura brochure for additional Spanish program information.

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