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Language Arts Sessions

Encouraging Children to Talk! Building Communication and Language Reasoning in the Preschool & Primary Grades


Children who do not develop the fundamentals of language during their preschool years are at risk for educational achievement, especially in reading. Unfortunately, many children do not acquire a strong oral language foundation and enter the Kindergarten and primary years lacking the language structures, forms, and functions necessary for success. This interactive workshop will provide opportunities for participants to: (1) analyze children’s ability to use language for a variety of purposes, (2) examine ways to informally assess young children’s oral language abilities that underlie reading and writing, and (3) explore ways to use assessment information to strengthen children’s oral language and communication skills.


Session Number PD38



Developing Vocabulary in the Primary Grade Classroom


We know that the gap between those more prepared and those less prepared in the area of language and word knowledge may continue to grow throughout the elementary years, putting the less-prepared students at risk of reading failure. During this interactive workshop, teachers will explore the what, when, why, and how of vocabulary development for children in the early grades. Included will be attention to building vocabulary experientially, relating new words to children’s background knowledge, developing a depth of knowledge about each new word taught, exploring relationships between and among words, and generating students’ interest in words.


Session Number PD39

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