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We are mission-driven.

Zaner-Bloser’s mission is to create dynamic, appealing, and effective educational programs and services. Our focus is on distinctive programs that inspire all students to become engaged, literate participants in the global society.

As a member of the Highlights family of companies, we are driven to always do what's right for children and to strive to make a significant contribution to their education. The Highlights family of companies includes Highlights for Children, Inc.; Zaner-Bloser; Staff Development for Educators (SDE); Stenhouse Publishers; Boyds Mills Press; and Highlights for Children International, Inc.


Company Headquarters
1201 Dublin Road
Columbus, OH 43215-1026
Customer Service: 800.421.3018
Front Office: 614.486.0221
Hours: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM ET

Robert Page

Parent Company
Highlights for Children
1800 Watermark Drive
Columbus, OH 43215-1035

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