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Free Resources for Handwriting Practice

Before your students put pen to paper on their National Handwriting Contest entry form, let them practice the Keys to Legibility and handwriting skills that will make them handwriting all-stars! Here are some helpful free tools and ideas to get you started:

Handwriting Tips Videos

These short, animated videos feature handwriting tips appropriate for your grade level.

Practice Masters

Prepare your students for the contest with our ready-made Practice Masters for selected letterforms.

Create Your Own Worksheets

Give your students practice where they need it most and create your own worksheets. The free version of the ZB FontsOnline PlusTM application includes editable templates with grade-specific guidelines and Zaner-Bloser’s manuscript and cursive alphabets. 
Try it now.

Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development Activities

Strengthen the motor skills that lead to improved handwriting with these effective activities developed by leading occupational therapists. Learn More.

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Stroke Descriptions

Take your students step-by-step through proper letter and numeral formation with these easy-to-remember stroke descriptions.

The Keys to Legibility

The Four Keys to Legibility—Shape, Size, Spacing, and Slant—are essential to legible handwriting and form the criteria for judging the National Handwriting Contest. Download these kid-friendly guidelines to help your students understand each key.

Evaluation Guides

As students practice for the contest, they can use these helpful guides with grade-appropriate models of Excellent, Good, Average, Fair, and Poor handwriting to self-evaluate and improve their handwriting.

Letter Model Printables

These handy manuscript and cursive alphabet printable cards are perfect for students to use as a reference when practicing in the classroom or at home.


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