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Art of Writing: Area Students Climb Through Cursive Contest

View this article by Ed Cullen on The Advocate website

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s Central Immediate and Shenandoah Elementary schools, the art of handwriting is alive and well. Teachers in these schools are taking the time (which can be as minimal as 10 minutes a day) to include this critical skill in the curricula, resulting in improved legibility (and readability) of their students’ handwriting. To further reinforce the benefits of good penmanship, top handwriters from each school were entered in Zaner-Bloser’s National Handwriting Contest—and several were chosen for advancement to the contest’s state level.

Although students today are becoming accustomed to using technology for communication, handwriting is still the primary medium for completing schoolwork. Kathy O’Neal, former president of the Louisiana Reading Association, asked rhetorically, “How many fifth-graders can type at a rate fast enough to put their words down?” That’s one of the reasons why educators like Kelly Williams, a second-grade teacher at Shenandoah, stress the importance of teaching handwriting.

Handwriting instruction pays hefty dividends. To learn more about the impacts of handwriting and the Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest, view the full article on The Advocate website.

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