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Does Handwriting Have a Place in Today's Tech-driven Classrooms?

April 12, 2012

View this article by Claire Penhorwood on the CBC News website

Educators who are most successful in preparing students for college and career are those who keep in step with the skills that are required for real world success. In the 21st century classroom, handwriting and keyboarding are two of these essential skills. When students learn to be “bilingual” by hand (proficient in both handwriting and keyboarding), they are better equipped to perform the functions necessary to thrive in secondary school and in their future professions.

Some educators, however, don’t see the value of handwriting instruction in our digital society—and research shows that students who aren’t learning this skill are at a disadvantage. Dr. Virginia Berninger, professor of educational psychology at the University of Washington in Seattle, and her colleagues have conducted studies that demonstrate how handwriting positively impacts students’ performance in other academic subjects like writing and spelling.

To learn more about what the experts say, view the full article on the CBC News website.

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