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Handwriting Still Matters At St. Thomas More School

View this article by Kelly-Anne Suarez on the SalisburyPatch website.

Students at St. Thomas More School in Allentown, PA, compete in the Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest each year. Second grade teacher Elaine Richardson, who administers the school's admissions to the contest, reports spending a good amount of time teaching cursive handwriting and that her students are eager.

Regarding the contest, "I always set that goal up. The test is the carrot," she said. "I say, 'Oh, someone is going to be the [winner].' Boys especially like that."

View the entire article on the SalisburyPatch website to read about St. Thomas More School's experience with the the National Handwriting Contest and how it raises students' awareness of the importance of handwriting.

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