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How Friends, Family Spark Handwriting Change

November 28, 2011

View this article by Cortnee Howard on the CNN website

When it comes to handwriting style, reading between the lines can provide clues about our personality. Experts say that a deep psychological connection between how we write and who we are makes our handwriting style susceptible to outside influence.

Clinical psychologist Christina Rummell notes that handwriting can often reveal subtle indicators about our personality, leading to a natural desire to alter our handwriting style. Take, for example, Erica Olson. During high school, Olson consciously changed her handwriting style to mimic that of her popular classmates. After months of diligent practice, Olson was able to master her peers' "bubble" style, which she continues to use as an adult.

View the full article on the CNN website to learn more about how handwriting can convey a bit about who we are, what we've learned, and where we'd like to be. Share a sample of your handwriting as part of CNN's iReport Cultural Census.

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