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Keeping Cursive in the Classroom

March 28, 2013

View the article by Lauren Williams on the District Administration Magazine website.

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which have now been adopted by most states, require students to know how to type on a computer, but they do not require students to demonstrate proficiency in cursive handwriting. But, states that have adopted the CCSS do have the option to include cursive handwriting instruction in their curricula. “The movement to keep this form of writing alive in 21st-century classrooms is growing,” Lauren Williams notes.

Last year’s Handwriting in the 21st Century? (HW 21) An Educational Summit—sponsored by Zaner-Bloser in partnership with the American Association of School Administrators—helped to generate awareness about the need for both handwriting and keyboarding instruction. Since the event, many states—most recently, Idaho—have joined the movement to officially require or recommend cursive handwriting instruction.

View the full article on the District Administration Magazine website to learn more about the cursive movement and the HW 21 Summit.


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