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The Many Health Perks of Good Handwriting

View this article by Julie Deardorff on the Los Angeles Times website

Along with applying sunscreen and eating properly, practicing handwriting is now being touted as a healthy habit. New research proves that handwriting proficiency not only leads to better grades and increased confidence, but it also positively affects children's health.

Emerging research shows that increasing brain activation and sharpening fine motor skills are among the numerous health benefits of handwriting. At Indiana University, a study was performed using neuroimaging scans to measure brain activation in preliterate preschool children. One group of children practiced seeing and saying printed letters. A second group practiced hand-printing letters. The outcome showed that the second group exhibited improved letter recognition-the top predictor of reading ability at age five-and brain activation similar to that of adults.

View the full article on the Los Angeles Times website to find out more about the benefits of handwriting practice.

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