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Murray District Focuses on Handwriting

September 11, 2011

View this article by Natalie Dicou on The Salt Lake Tribune website

Wendy Bills of Utah's Murray School District is excited about handwriting. She's so excited, in fact, that she's spearheaded an effort to encourage the entire district to take advantage of the tools and training that Zaner-Bloser offers for properly teaching this critical skill.

Whether it's preparing youngsters for good penmanship with songs and activities or reinforcing this skill for older students, Bills wants to provide "every chance in the world" for handwriting success. After Zaner-Bloser's expert handwriting instructors held a workshop for Murray District preschool and special education teachers, Bills discovered best practices that would be beneficial for all students in the district.

View the full article on The Salt Lake Tribune website for more information about how Zaner-Bloser's expertise in handwriting instruction can work wonders for educators and students alike.

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