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The New Script for Teaching Handwriting Is No Script at All

February 1, 2013

View this article by Valerie Bauerlein on The Wall Street Journal website.

In this Wall Street Journal article, Jill Camnitz, a school board member in Greenville, N.C., says, "We're trying to be realistic about skills that kids are going to need. You can't do everything. Something's got to go." Whether or not cursive handwriting is one of the skills students “are going to need” continues to be a topic of debate.

Trinh Tran, a Vietnam native and one of the winners in the 2012 Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest, is among those who believe this is a necessary skill. Practicing cursive handwriting, she says, has helped boost her grammar skills and her confidence.

Read the full article on The Wall Street Journal website to learn more about the cursive handwriting debate.


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