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Zaner-Bloser Launches Voices Literature & Writing

Read-Aloud and Writing Project Builds Positive School Climate Along With Oral Language and Comprehension for All Students

COLUMBUS, Ohio (January 11,2012)-Zaner-Bloser officially launched a new learning program designed to support positive school climate initiatives while enriching literacy instruction and student achievement through the power of teacher read-alouds. New for grades K through 6, Voices Literature & Writing offers all students access to the content of appealing, relevant, and culturally responsive teacher read-aloud literature from award-winning authors and illustrators. The program’s framework also supports the goals of the Common Core State Standards.

The engaging read-aloud books are organized into six themes: Identity Awareness; Perspective Taking; Conflict Resolution; Family, Friends, and Community; Social Awareness; and Democracy. Each theme offers an array of resources that starts with read-alouds, which allow students to experience written language and the books’ rich content without the burden of decoding, and ends with students producing a process-based writing project using writing forms that underlie the Common Core State Standards text types (Narrative, Informative/Explanatory, and Opinion or Argument). The themes build across the grade levels and can support positive school climate and anti-bullying initiatives.

“Voices Literature & Writing is a program Zaner-Bloser is very proud of. It can do powerful things in the classroom by leveling the playing field for all students. It offers a systematic way to build in children a sense of self, while helping them see the perspectives of others through literature and related literacy activities,” says Zaner-Bloser President Bob Page. “Research has shown us that children who can manage their feelings are better learners.”

About Zaner-Bloser

Zaner-Bloser, a wholly owned subsidiary of Highlights for Children with more than 120 years of experience in education, is one of the premier publishers of research-based reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary and handwriting programs. The Zaner-Bloser mission is to create dynamic, appealing and effective educational programs and services. Zaner-Bloser focuses on distinctive programs that inspire all students to become engaged, literate participants in the global society.


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