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Focus on Handwriting Instruction: A Foundational Literacy Skill

Participants will learn practical applications and strategies for integrating handwriting instruction across the curriculum, focusing on the relationship between handwriting and literacy. This course features the most current research and interactive activities designed to advance neurological development through perceptual and motor skills practice. Participants discover how handwriting fits within the CCSS and how to use technology to provide consistent, daily instruction. Course Number PD12

Fine Motor Skill Activities for Early Literacy (Prewriting) Development

Designed to support occupational therapists (OTs) in their role as direct service providers and to reduce referrals, this course ensures that both teacher and OT participants are prepared to partner with each other and implement strategies that incorporate motor activities into everyday classroom instruction. This course features a variety of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic activities to develop appropriate pencil grasp, line production, hand strength and dexterity, and fine-motor and visual-motor skills. Course Number PD1

Enrich Vocabulary to Meet the Common Core State Standards

Participants will learn about the important relationship between vocabulary instruction and comprehension; strategies to help meet the demands of content-area reading and the CCSS; grade-appropriate Greek and Latin affixes and roots; and the important role vocabulary plays in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Participants will focus in-depth on CCSS Language Standards for Vocabulary Acquisition and Use. Course Number PD11

Writing to Communicate: Using the Six Traits in the Writing Process

This course will explore the traits and their relationship to the writing process. Participants will learn a wide variety of writing strategies to support mastery of the CCSS and will address trait management using supplied exemplar models and genre-specific rubrics, focusing on argument, informative/explanatory, and narrative writing. This course also teaches participants how to use technology to promote student interaction and collaboration with others. Course Number PD14

Writing to Meet the Common Core State Standards

Participants will focus on helping students meet the rigorous CCSS Writing Standards and achieve the writing sophistication needed to be college and career ready by doing a good deal of their own writing in this course. The facilitator will provide strategies and activities that students can use to write argument, informational/explanatory, and narrative pieces that are clear and coherent; to develop writing using the writing process and technology; to conduct research, gather relevant information, and draw evidence from texts to support position; and to gain stamina to write for extended periods of time. Course Number PD3

The Role of Spelling in the Common Core State Standards Classroom

The CCSS Language Standards stress the critical connection between spelling and reading and spelling and writing. In this course, participants will review the research that supports the assertion that good spelling ability is not merely memorization of spellings, but an acquisition of increasingly complex aspects of word knowledge over time. Participants will learn strategies that students can use to internalize and retain valuable spelling knowledge and to transfer that knowledge to daily reading and writing work. Course Number PD13

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