Literacy and Social-Emotional Learning

Every day, children are learning more than just academics; they’re acquiring social skills they'll use all their lives. Voices is a K-6 research-based literacy and social development program that helps teachers lay the groundwork for student achievement and lifelong learning through high-quality, carefully selected trade books.

The instruction in Voices is organized around universal themes that develop character and equip students with core social skills while also teaching deep comprehension of the texts. With whole-class instruction through Voices Literature & Writing or customizable small-group lessons through 3C eLessons and the Leveled library, there's a Voices program for every classroom.

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Teach the Whole Student with Voices Literature & Writing

There's a proven connection between students’ social and academic outcomes. Voices Literature & Writing capitalizes on this connection by integrating literacy skills and social-emotional learning in a program that fosters in-depth comprehension of texts and critical writing skills while also developing character traits that will help students succeed.

The program's whole-class instruction features six themed packages per grade level, each containing these materials:

  • Teacher Guide
  • Teacher Read-Alouds
  • 1-year online access to Digital Resources for interactive whiteboard
  • Read-Aloud CD
  • Teaching Masters CD-ROM with Answer Key
  • Assessment Handbook

Voices 3C eLessons: Your Classroom, Your Children, Your Choice

For powerful, web-based social-emotional learning and literacy instruction that's highly customizable, Voices 3C eLessons and Leveled Library provides countless options for tailoring a leveled curriculum to your classroom needs. It offers meaningful differentiated instruction to strengthen literacy, in a robust online platform paired with leveled book packages for students. The program includes these online materials and more:

  • Lesson Plan Builder for customizing instruction
  • English Language Learner support
  • Teaching Masters
  • eBook versions of Leveled Library books
  • Support materials, including posters and cards

Print components include the following:

  • 648 Voices Leveled Library books, available in affordable leveled packages
  • Assessment Handbooks
  • Teaching Routine Cards
  • Zaner-Bloser Leveled Reading Benchmark Assessments

Social-Emotional Learning + Literacy = Success

Social-Emotional Learning + Literacy = Success

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Research-Based, Proven Effective

Extensive research on children's literacy and social development stands behind our Voices programs, and they've been improved over two decades of development and piloting in urban, suburban, and rural classrooms across the country. The result is instruction that’s been proven effective at improving students' reading comprehension, writing ability, vocabulary, and social skills.

Read our white paper, Voices Literature & Writing Scientific Research Base and Program Efficacy, to find out more.

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Distinctive Voices, Strong Connections

The two instructional strands of Voices Literature & Writing and Voices Leveled Library—social skills and academic skills—work together. While the social-emotional learning element helps build character, the literacy component provides the language arts rigor that's characteristic of Zaner-Bloser products. With strong connections to state standards, Voices helps educators and students meet expectations in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language. Take a look at our correlations and see how the program supports the standards.

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