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Asking Better Questions

Authors and Bios

Norah Morgan (1918-2004) was a pioneer and champion of drama in education for almost 50 years. In 1972, she worked with Des Davis in developing a vision for Carousel Players that continues to inspire students and teachers locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.

Juliana Saxton is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Theatre, University of Victoria. Coauthor of Teaching Drama: A Mind of Many Wonders and Asking Better Questions, she is a recipient of the University of Victoria Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Award and the AATE Campton Bell Lifetime Achievement Award.

Summary of Book

This book is intended to help teachers understand why questions are so important to teaching and learning in the 21st century. It examines why many teachers are insecure as questioners and why students are so often shut out of the questioning process. It suggests an uncomplicated way to classify the questions that teachers need to ask in order to acquire information, build understanding, and generate reflection. Finally, it offers models, techniques, activities, and examples that promote better questioning by teachers and students” (p. 11)

This book is written with alternating chapters of definitions and descriptions of types of questioning and sample lessons. The authors write with educators in mind by addressing some of the internal and external challenges in education that may hinder questioning, such as time constraints and pressure to only teach required curriculum. Lastly, the authors include several appendixes that can be easily incorporated into lessons.

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