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Celebrating Writers: From Possibilities Through Publication

Authors and Bios

Ruth Ayres is a full-time writing coach in Northern Indiana where she spends her days encouraging students to make meaning in their writing and assisting teachers in reflecting and refining their teaching practice. Before becoming a writing coach, Ruth earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Indiana University and taught seventh grade language arts.  Ruth says that she wanted to become a teacher because she wanted to have a positive impact on the lives of students. “I like helping students see the power of their everyday stories and to learn how their words can make the world a better place. I consider myself among the most fortunate because I spend my days with children and adolescents, teaching them how to make sense of the world through reading and to impact the world with their voice through writing.” In her free time, Ruth likes to read, write, take photos, walk, cook, and scrapbook. She and her husband, Andy, have three children.

Christi Overman has taught for the past eight years in Indiana. Her husband is a youth pastor, and they have two children.

Summary of the Book

Celebrating Writers provides numerous ways to respond, reflect, and rejoice along the writing journey from start to finished project. Instead of thinking of publication as the only time and reason to recognize success, their suggested celebrations help students become better writers throughout the process.  Students grow in their realization that the writing process is filled with moments that call for celebration. Ruth and Christi suggest fun and effective ways for classroom commemorations that focus on students’ progress as writers. The authors write, “It’s time to expand the idea of celebration to include the process of writers and the products they create. Let’s build an approach that weaves celebration into the heart of all writers. Be ready to learn to refuel the writers in your classroom, even on the tough days.”

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