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I Think, Therefore I Learn!

Authors and Bios

The authors, Graham Foster, Evelyn Sawicki, Hyacinth Schaeffer, and Victor Zelinski are curriculum supervisors for Calgary Catholic School District in the areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, respectively. Much of the authentic research cited in this work came from Calgary classrooms. Each author has written or co-written other researched-based books designed to help teachers self-actualize their instruction so they can help students become more self-aware in learning and thinking in the respective subject areas. The authors are well known for developing curriculum and as workshop presenters.

Summary of Book

This book focuses on helping teachers understand meta-cognition and how to foster self-regulated learning in students. The first chapter deals with defining meta-cognitive learning-thinking about how one learns best. It gives research results and concrete examples of the instructional benefits and positive student outcomes that result from the encouragement of meta-cognitive thinking in the classroom. The following chapters focus on the different subject areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Current instructional methodology in each subject is analyzed for the potential of encouraging meta-cognition. Ideas and suggestions, as well as various surveys, rubrics, and graphic organizers, are provided to help teachers foster student self-regulated learning. The message throughout the book, reflected in the title, is that when individual students become self-aware about their learning, it will lead to improved academic achievement in all subject areas, and will serve to increase the possibility of lifetime success.

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