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The Power of Our Words: Teacher Language That Helps Children Learn

Author and Bio

Paula Denton began teaching children in 1982 and working as a Responsive Classroom consulting teacher in 1990. She is currently manager of program development at Northeast Foundation for Children. Denton has taught pre-service teachers at Antioch New England Graduate School and the University of Massachusetts. She is the author of Learning Through Academic Choice and co-author of The First Six Weeks of School.

Summary of Book

This book could be the sequel to Norman Vincent Peale's The Power of Positive Thinking. It focuses on what teachers verbalize to and around students and suggests powerful new models for more successful teaching. Citing research from Deci and Flaste, 1995, Jensen, 1998, and Vygotsky, 1986/1934, Denton leads the reader to more effective communication that fosters student gains in self-control, community building, and knowledge. In relation to these three areas, Denton crafts a clear-cut and insightful book about the power of teachers' words.

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