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Zaner-Bloser Professional Development courses, such as the three below, can be tailored to support the professional growth of teachers at the time Voices Literature & Writing is first implemented and throughout the school year.


Deep Comprehension

This course moves beyond comprehension skills to underscore the importance of deep comprehension. Strategies will be modeled and practiced so that teachers learn to engage their students in meaningful discussions; increase complex reasoning; develop rich speaking, writing, and listening vocabularies; and analyze literary texts in different genres and disciplines, as required by the CCSS. Course Number PD7

Weaving Together Literacy and Social Development

Through culturally diverse literature, participants in this course will focus on societal themes as the vehicle to teach literacy skills and address social development. Participants will learn how to foster a positive classroom culture that allows students to achieve academically and socially, explore diverse perspectives, and better prepare to master the CCSS for English Language Arts & Literacy. Course Number PD8

A Focus on Anti-bullying Strategies

An essential goal for educators is to engage students through social-emotional concepts and themes in order to teach them how to negotiate conflict; respect varying points of view; and express personal opinions, thoughts, and feelings. Participants will learn anti-bullying strategies and activities that use carefully selected children’s literature to help students understand bullying issues, create a more positive classroom and school climate, and allow for greater academic achievement. Course Number PD9

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