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Professional Development

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Customized Professional Development Topics

All topics are custom-designed to meet your needs and timeframe and are intended to deepen educators’ understanding of content and instruction. If you choose, topics may include customized connections to Zaner-Bloser programs and specific state standards. The intended audience for these topics is PreK–8 teachers, support personnel, and administrators. Choose from multiple topics within five categories:

The New Standards Topics

·       Text-Dependent Questions: Digging Into the Text

·       Text Evidence: Reading Like a Detective

·       Writing to Master the Next Generation of Assessments

·       Close Reading: Connect the Pieces to Deeper Meaning

·       Defining and Teaching Complex Text to Meet the New Standards

·       Differentiated Instruction: Helping All Learners Achieve the New Standards

·       Creating 21st Century Learners: Technology Infusion to Master the New Standards

Early Literacy Topics

·       The Building Blocks of Literacy: Developing Literacy Interests and Abilities During the Preschool Years

·       PreK and the BIG FIVE: Building a Firm Foundation for Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, & Comprehension

Reading Topics

·       High Impact Comprehension Strategies: Scaffolding Primary Readers to Complex Text

·       Reading to Learn WHILE Learning to Read: Meeting the Standards for Nonfiction, K–2

·       Nonfiction: Expository Text Everywhere

·       Implementing Brain-Based Foundations of Early Literacy: A Multimodal, Integrated Approach

·       Thinking & Teaching Diagnostically: Differentiating Instruction for Success with All Beginning Readers

·       Relevance, Engagement, Success: Why Motivation Matters

Writing Topics

·       Next Generation Writing in the Content Areas—Grades 4–8

·       Writing to Communicate: Using the Six Traits of Writing in the Writing Process

·       Writing to Meet the New Standards

·       Developing Young Writers

Language Arts Topics

·       Encouraging Children to Talk! Building Communication and Language Reasoning in the Preschool & Primary Grades

·       Developing Vocabulary in the Primary Grade Classroom


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