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Reaching All Readers

Reach New Heights in Strategic Reading Intervention
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Accelerate with Carefully Leveled Text

Accelerate learning with carefully leveled Intervention Readers, hands-on activities, focused instruction, and ongoing assessment.

The program

  • reinforces instruction with activities for small-group and at-home practice.
  • increases key vocabulary and comprehension through explicit instruction.
  • helps teachers address probable miscues with classroom-tested Strategic Prompting Charts.
  • provides minilessons for explicit instruction in phonics skills and decoding strategies.
  • supports students needing more focused, individual attention with additional intervention activities.
  • ensures reading of increasingly difficult texts.
  • monitors students' responses to instruction through Running Records and provides ongoing daily assessment options.

The Intervention Readers

Each Reaching All Readers Intervention Reader is written in natural language. The ten books within each level are incrementally leveled to ensure that struggling readers and English Language Learners have abundant practice.

The texts

  • are leveled at Guided Reading Levels AA-S, but with a lighter text load to provide focused, text-appropriate lessons for intervention students.
  • include a balance of fiction and nonfiction titles for each level (200 titles included in all five kits).
  • are structured to provide deep and explicit intervention in phonics skills, decoding strategies, sight words, comprehension, and vocabulary.
  • include hands-on, minds-on practice.
  • are interactive and consumable, designed to be used in school and to build at-home libraries.


Accelerate with Explicit Instruction


Daily Lesson Plan

To accelerate student learning, each Intervention Reader is supported by a two-day instructional plan. The daily lesson plans are carefully balanced to offer best practices and strategies for before, during, and after reading instruction.


Introduce the Vocabulary

A variety of teaching methods is used to introduce and review vocabulary, including Text Impression, Vocabulary Anticipation, and Word Webs. Vocabulary building and comprehension are supported through contextual learning.

Set the Purpose for Reading

Students are prepared for the decoding challenges of the day's text by previewing or front loading key words and sounds they will encounter.

Preview the Book

Each Reaching All Readers lesson provides specific purposes for reading to ground comprehension. Lessons are scaffolded, and comprehension is monitored by rereading the text for support and clarification.


Whisper Read the Text

Whisper reading means that all students read the text aloud in a soft voice and at their own rate. As students whisper read, the teacher listens in to hear if students are making errors.

Address Miscues

The daily Strategic Prompting Chart lists probable miscues based on the development of emergent readers and level of text difficulty. Each Strategic Prompting Chart provides appropriate responses for each miscue, including a model of teacher talk to strategically prompt responses and scaffold growth.


Revisit the Purpose for Reading

Comprehension is reinforced by reading the text for support and clarification.

Teach Decoding Skills

Minilessons are provided in each daily lesson plan. The minilessons offer explicit instruction in phonics skills and decoding strategies.

Return to Text

Each daily lesson concludes with a Return to Text for fluency practice and to reinforce new skills through a variety of methods.

Additional Intervention

Each daily lesson plan provides an additional intervention activity to differentiate the lesson and provide more focused support. The Additional Intervention lessons add approximately 15 minutes of individual instruction to the day's 30-minute lesson.


Accelerate with Activities for Small-Group and At-Home Practice

The Reaching All Readers Intervention Readers provide students a strong school-to-home connection with hands-on, minds-on activities included in each text. These activities can be completed during small-group instruction or at-home practice. The Intervention Readers can also be taken home to build the student's home library. The family letter, on the back cover of the reader, shows how families can help with practice at home.


Accelerate with Formative Assessment


Running Records

Reaching All Readers offers ongoing daily assessment opportunities through Running Records. A Running Record is provided on the Teaching Resources CD-ROM for the text taught during each lesson. These Running Records can be administered after the minilessons to determine the need for Additional Intervention. Reaching All Readers recommends Additional Intervention for students reading at the frustration level (less than 90% accuracy in word identification). Over time, formative data from the daily Running Records can be used to monitor students' response to instruction.

Record of Additional Intervention
Reaching All Readers provides a progress monitoring form on the Teaching Resources CD-ROM. Each daily Running Record provides an Accuracy Scale showing the number of miscues indicated for the frustration level for the sample text.

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