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Reaching All Readers

Reach New Heights in Strategic Reading Intervention
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Reaching All Readers be used in place of a core classroom reading program?
No, intervention should never be in lieu of core reading instruction. Intervention should always take place in addition to core reading instruction (Leslie & Allen, 1999; Stahl, 2005). The Reaching All Readers intervention model is designed to complement any basal reading program.

How is the intervention delivered?
The intervention takes place in small groups. Research indicates that gains are realized and maintained if the group size is six students or fewer (Scammacca, Vaughn, Roberts, Wanzek & Torgesen, 2008). Reaching All Readers is designed to provide intervention to groups of up to six students.

Is Reaching All Readers guided by a diagnostic, structured lesson plan?
Reaching All Readers is a structured system designed to be delivered at an instructional reading level based on a diagnostic evaluation of oral reading accuracy. The accompanying Zaner-Bloser Benchmark Assessment Materials provides text and running records for entry (diagnostic) and exit (summative) assessments. District assessments can also be used for entry and exit from Reaching All Readers.

Can the intervention be delivered by a paraprofessional?
Yes, although intervention instruction should be delivered by an accredited teacher, a classroom tutor or paraprofessional can deliver intervention if provided with balanced, explicit lesson plans (Brown, Morris & Fields, 2005). The Reaching All Readers lesson plan is detailed and includes explicit guidance in Strategic Prompting, a key tool in improving students' performance. A tutor and/or paraprofessional can deliver the lesson plan.

How much intervention does Reaching All Readers provide?
One level of Reaching All Readers provides 80 intervention sessions. When necessary, multiple kits of Reaching All Readers can be used during a school year. As recommended, each Reaching All Readers lesson takes up to 30 minutes to complete with Additional Intervention activities to differentiate the lesson (Leslie & Allen, 1999; Clay, 1991; Fountas & Pinnell, 1996; Scammacca et al., 2008).

Can the intervention be intensified if a student continues to have difficulty?
Yes, intervention can be intensified if students continue to struggle. An additional 15 minutes per day in a smaller group (one-to-one or two-to-one) should be provided for best practice (Mathes & Denton, 2002). Reaching All Readers provides an Additional Intervention lesson that can be delivered in 15 minutes. Running Records are provided in each lesson to help teachers determine which students would benefit from Additional Intervention. By using the formative assessment recommendation for Additional Intervention, teachers can intensify services to a smaller group of students.

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