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Reaching All Readers

Reach New Heights in Strategic Reading Intervention
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Identify with Diagnostic Assessment

The goal of intervention is to identify struggling students and provide targeted interventions before there is the degree of failure that results in a special education referral. All students should be screened at least twice a year to identify those who are not meeting district proficiency standards in early reading skills and strategies. In primary grades, assessing oral reading accuracy is an appropriate screening to identify students who are struggling. (There are numerous reliable measures of oral reading accuracy that can provide initial screening data. These include the Zaner-Bloser Benchmark Assessment Materials, Concepts About Print, DIBELS, and PALSTM.)

The Zaner-Bloser Benchmark Assessment Materials provide text and running records for diagnostic and summative assessments. District assessments can also be used to place and exit students from Reaching All Readers.

The determination that a student needs intervention should be based on his/her oral reading performance compared to a predetermined proficiency benchmark (building-level, district-level, or instrument).

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