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Reaching All Readers

Reach New Heights in Strategic Reading Intervention
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Reaching All Readers is a balanced reading intervention program for Guided Reading Levels AA-S. The program is designed to strategically accelerate students to above-grade-level reading through a simple, three-step process.


Step 1: Identify

Identify students who need additional intervention through diagnostic assessment.

(Note: The Zaner-Bloser Benchmark Assessment Materials are provided. Teachers may choose to use PALSTM, Concepts About Print, DIBELS, district assessments, etc.)

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Step 2: Accelerate

Accelerate learning by using high-interest, incrementally leveled Intervention Readers, hands-on activities, focused instruction, and ongoing assessment.

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Step 3: Exit

Exit students based on the response to intervention when compared to district benchmarks and/or the instructional expectation of the core reading program. Reaching All Readers recommends exiting students one guided reading level above the level of classroom reading instruction.

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