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Comprehension Strategies

At every level of Read for Real, students learn, practice, and apply unit comprehension strategies:

  • Preview the selection
  • Activate prior knowledge
  • Set a purpose
  • Make connections
  • Interact with the text
  • Clarify understanding
  • Recall
  • Evaluate
  • Respond

To learn more, view comprehension strategies chart.

Vocabulary Strategies

Read for Real teaches students to take ownership of new vocabulary by applying knowledge of:

  • Antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms
  • Word roots and affixes
  • Analogies
  • Multiple meanings
  • Figurative language: idioms, metaphors, and similes
  • Reference skills
  • Parts of speech and meaning
  • Context clues
  • Word origins and borrowed words
  • Compound words
  • Words inside words
  • Comparatives/superlatives
  • Time/order words
  • Abbreviations

Fluency Strategies

Fluency Tips and activities in Read for Real help students develop fluency through oral reading practice and performance of these text types:

  • Readers' Theater
  • Poetry
  • Letters and journal entries
  • Monologues and dialogues
  • Speeches
  • Lyrics and parodies
  • Descriptive paragraphs

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