A Balanced Approach to Remote Learning: Online and Hands-on A Balanced Approach to Remote Learning: Online and Hands-on

A Balanced Approach to Remote Learning

At Zaner-Bloser, we believe fundamental literacy skills are best developed as a balance between

  • explicit instruction and individual practice.
  • teacher-led and self-directed learning.
  • hands-on and digital resources.

This philosophy influences the way we develop our print and tactile materials and how we envision our teacher and student online engagement. It informs the amount of time required to accurately introduce and reinforce daily instruction. And it guides us as we help to create rich learning experiences that inspire literacy development in all students, wherever their learning is taking place.

We recognize the importance of flexibility and creativity for educators looking to strike the right instructional balance for their students!

To that end, Zaner-Bloser offers scalable levels of resources—from comprehensive literacy curricula for full-class instruction to downloadable/printable practice packs for asynchronous learning. Read on for remote teaching/learning suggestions and program-specific solutions.

Our Solutions

Comprehensive Curricula

Zaner-Bloser curricula provide everything you need for instruction. We provide literacy-forward solutions pairing print and digital components that work for any classroom configuration—in-person, at-home, or hybrid.

À la Carte

No two students learn exactly the same, but most benefit from a combination of learning techniques.

  • Too much screen time, and fine motor skills may suffer.
  • No interactivity, and teachers risk student engagement.

Zaner-Bloser offers a range of physical and digital options to mix and match to best meet your remote learning needs.

instant downloads

Bolster grammar and handwriting skills with instant download PDF packs! Our flexible packs can be purchased online for use in class, at home, or in hybrid learning situations.

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online resources trial

Sign up for free, three-month MyZBPortal.com trials. Enjoy access to the online resources included with our comprehensive literacy curricula. Trials are available by program.

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Free Resources

Try some of our free resources to support remote, in-class, and hybrid learning models.

  • Read-Aloud Routine
    Download this routine card with our simple, four-step process and universal comprehension questions. Also great to encourage families to use at home!
  • Compounds and Contractions Activities
    Break out the index cards for hands-on practice with compound words and contractions.
  • Letter Walk
    A fun and easy way to learn about letter shapes through physical movement, all you need for this activity is sidewalk chalk or masking tape.

If you’re looking for additional educational resources for your child, Zaner-Bloser can help you with proven-effective, fundamental skills work in reading, handwriting, spelling, and grammar. Materials can easily be incorporated into a hybrid or at-home learning environment.

  • Enhance school-led instruction at home.
  • Reinforce skills not addressed in current instruction.
  • Encourage self-directed learning.

Explore our range of for-purchase and free resources to introduce, extend, or reinforce learning!

Are you homeschooling? Consider The Superkids Reading Program.

Easy & Engaging for Families

Shop online for supplemental learning items classroom teachers trust!

at home practice packs

Handwriting At-Home Practice Packs provide flexibility with materials and price at a variety of grade levels. Choose from Basic, Enhanced, or Premium options, grades PreK–6.

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activity cards

Dry-erase cards on a ring have a variety of activities that provide letter practice and hone fine motor skills. Choose from grades K–1, 2, or 3–5.

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zany buzz cards

Card packs include directions for four types of spelling games. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of play for each game make packs suitable for grades 1–6.

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Free Resources

Try some of our free resources to support remote, in-class, and hybrid learning models.

  • Read-Aloud Routine for Story Books
    Enjoy a great book with your child! Download this routine card with our four-step process and universal comprehension questions that make talking about books with your child easy and educational.
  • Destress Activities
    If you’re a DIY family, you will especially love this collection of 10 creative ideas to help children boost their mood or relieve stress. With humor, physical movement, and more ways to engage the senses, there is something for everyone on this list!