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Instruction and Assessment That Lead to Spelling Mastery!

With Spelling Connections, all students advance their spelling skills every day. Each Unit Planner includes a five-day plan (or flexible three-day plan) for teaching students who are on, below, or above level for the weekly spelling concept.

Day 1

Connections to Thinking
Students are introduced to the weekly spelling concept with activities that prompt them to read the spelling words in context, sort the words to recognize the similarities among them, and remember the weekly spelling concept.

Day 2

Connections to Phonics
In Grades 1–3, students build important sound-symbol awareness, phonics knowledge, and spelling skills.

Connections to Vocabulary
In Grades 4–8, skill-based activities facilitate the processing of word meanings to expand spelling knowledge and promote fluency.

Day 3

Connections to Reading
Best-practice skill-building activities help students understand the meaning of words and develop important reading skills. As students' vocabulary and reading comprehension skills improve, so does their spelling mastery.

Day 4

Connections to Writing
Students begin to think about their writing in a critical and reflective way. The spelling skills students have learned during the week are transferred to their writing through activities that prompt them to

  • proofread the weekly spelling words in the featured text.
  • practice writing these words in the context of a paragraph.
Day 5

Differentiated Assessment
Students prove mastery of the weekly spelling concept on the unit posttest. Differentiated Assessment is provided for on, below, and above level spelling lists in two forms. Teachers can use the posttest dictation sentences (in the Teacher Edition and online as audio files) or the reproducible test masters included in the Standardized Test Master Book.

Review and Assess for Transfer

Rote memorization alone is not a sufficient measure of spelling knowledge. Spelling Connections is the only program to confirm that spelling mastery has taken place!

Every sixth unit of Spelling Connections is an Assessment and Review Unit. These units provide new words for summative and formative assessment, so that teachers can re-teach and give further practice as needed.

Assessment and Review Units measure students' mastery of the spelling concepts from the previous five units by assessing how well this knowledge is transferred to unfamiliar words.

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