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The Superkids® Reading Program

The Superkids Reading Program is a core literacy curriculum for kindergarten through second grade that teaches all aspects of reading seamlessly integrated with the language arts. Built on scientific research and a proven pedagogy, it combines rigorous instruction with highly motivating materials.


Why Superkids Works

Systematic, Explicit Instruction: The Superkids Reading Program is a system of instruction. The step-by-step lessons build systematically as children progress from kindergarten through second grade, creating confident readers.

Decodable Text: As children learn new phonetic elements, they immediately apply these skills to engaging decodable literary and informational text. By second grade, children have learned the phonetic elements necessary to read text that is not phonetically controlled.

Integration: Superkids integrates reading, spelling, handwriting, grammar, and composition into one program.

Motivation: Children love the engaging Superkids characters. Each character has a
unique personality and interest. The Superkids stories capture the universal
experiences of childhood.

Why Superkids Is Different

Instruction is systematic, intentional, organized, and highly sequential—with a built-in spiral review of all skills.


In kindergarten, children are introduced to the Superkids characters, who grow with them as they go about the hard work of learning to read and write. Children learn the 26 letters of the alphabet and one sound for each letter, and then apply their new skills to blend sounds to read words and sentences.

Grade 1

In first grade, children learn more complex letter-sound relationships and apply these new skills to longer decodable stories and decodable nonfiction mini-magazines. Comprehension and fluency are emphasized throughout first grade.

Grade 2

By second grade, children have learned all the phonetic elements necessary to read text that is not phonetically controlled. Students read authentic trade books as well as a full-feature informational text magazine. At the same time, decoding skills are continually reinforced as children read about the trials and tribulations of the Superkids characters in their Decodable Readers.


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