A Balanced Approach to Remote Learning: Online and Hands-on A Balanced Approach to Remote Learning: Online and Hands-on

Superkids Portal Migration to MyZBPortal.com

In summer 2022, online resources for The Superkids Reading Program, The Superkids Foundational Skills Kit, and Happily Ever After and user accounts migrated from the Superkids Portal to MyZBPortal.com.

MyZBPortal.com is Zaner-Bloser’s central platform for all digital products and program content, and it provides a more stable, secure, and modern platform for teaching and learning.

Below you will find helpful migration-specific resources, training videos, answers to frequently asked questions, and more. Visit our tech support webpage for ongoing support.

Important Dates

  • June 17, 2022—Customer access to online resources in the Superkids Portal ends.
  • July 5, 2022—Digital administrators may begin to manage accounts and licenses in MyZBPortal.com.

What Will Happen on July 5 When the Migration Is Complete?

The e-mails below will be triggered by the migration and will begin to send on July 5. Due to the volume of e-mails, it could take a couple days for all e-mails to flow through the system. Add no-reply@zaner-bloser.com to your e-mail address book to help ensure delivery to your inbox. If you are expecting one or more of these e-mails and haven’t received it by the end of the day July 6, please check your junk folder before contacting Zaner-Bloser tech support.

If you prefer, you can watch a video about these e-mails and what will happen on July 5.

1. Teachers and digital administrators will receive an e-mail to create a new password for MyZBPortal.com.

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All active teacher and digital administrator user accounts from the Superkids Portal will automatically become accounts in MyZBPortal.com. This is true whether or not your school or district has renewed your subscription for the 2022–2023 school year yet. For security purposes, all of the migrated users will receive an e-mail to create a new password for their account on MyZBPortal.com. The link in the e-mail expires after 72 hours and includes instructions in the event the link expires. Once you have successfully reset your password, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and you will be able to log in.

Note: Teachers will not see any content in the portal when they log in until their institution has purchased product for the school year. Until licenses are purchased, they will see a message that says “There are no digital licenses available to your account. Please contact your digital administrator about renewing licenses.”

2. Digital administrators will receive an e-mail about MyZBPortal.com licenses.

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If your school or district has purchased materials for the 2022–2023 school year that qualify for a renewed subscription to the portal prior to July 5, digital administrator(s) will receive an e-mail listing the licenses that are ready to assign to teachers and classrooms in MyZBPortal.com. As long as they have set up their new password (see #1 above), they can create a school ID, set the license start date, and begin assigning licenses to existing and new teachers at this point. This e-mail explains where to find help assigning licenses.

Note: If renewal purchases haven’t been made yet, no licenses will be available to assign, and the digital administrator(s) will not receive this e-mail on July 5. Once a qualifying renewal purchase is made, digital administrator(s) will receive this e-mail within 24 hours of order processing.

3. New digital administrators will receive a new role notification e-mail.

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If you were not a school or district digital administrator in the Superkids Portal, but this responsibility has been delegated to you for the upcoming school year, you will receive an e-mail about this new role you have in MyZBPortal.com. There is no additional action to take; you will see the new role the next time you log in to the portal.

Training Videos and Other Resources

This collection of helpful resources for The Superkids Reading Program, The Superkids Foundational Skills Kit, and Happily Ever After users includes guides, videos, and more.

MyZBPortal.com On-Demand Teacher Training

Watch the recording of the training webinar for teachers new to using MyZBPortal.com to teach either program:

MyZBPortal.com On-Demand Digital Administrator Training

Watch the recording of the training webinar for school and district digital administrators new to using MyZBPortal.com.

Quick Start Guides

Download a quick start guide to learn how to use the features of the new platform by user type:

MyZBPortal.com Technical Requirements

Refer to this document for requirements for computers or devices, operating systems, browsers, and network connectivity to operate your online resources when they migrate to MyZBPortal.com.

Superkids Walk-Through in MyZBPortal.com

Watch this short video for an introductory walk-through of The Superkids Reading Program resources on MyZBPortal.com.

Preview of Online Resources Moving to MyZBPortal.com

All online resources currently in the Superkids Portal will be made available at MyZBPortal.com. Preview how various resources, features, and functionalities will look in the new platform.

Portal Migration Family Letters

Download a letter for your program and send home to parents/caregivers who currently use the Parent Portal to let them know when access ends this summer:

End-of-Year Checklists

These handy checklists for digital administrators and teachers include our recommendations to get ready for the migration before the school year ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my online resources move to MyZBPortal.com?

Online resources for The Superkids Reading Program © 2017, The Superkids Reading Program © 2015, The Superkids Foundational Skills Kit, and Happily Ever After moved to MyZBPortal.com because the technology of the old platform (the Superkids Portal) is outdated. The new platform provides the same features and content, but with added stability, security, and longevity.

When did the migration occur?

On June 17, 2022, access to online resources in the Superkids Portal ended. This is a bit earlier than normal to allow for the smoothest transition possible. On July 5, 2022, the migration was complete, and digital administrators began to manage accounts and licenses for the new school year in MyZBPortal.com, provided that their subscription had been renewed.

Who is impacted by the move?

Digital administrators, teachers, students, and parents/guardians are impacted. All roles will log in to the MyZBPortal.com platform for the 2022–2023 school year.

This is true for current and new users of The Superkids Reading Program, The Superkids Foundational Skills Kit, and Happily Ever After.

Will I need to create new accounts for digital administrators, teachers, parents, and/or students?

Digital administrator and teacher users were migrated to MyZBPortal.com. This happened automatically and does not require any action on your part. (Please note individuals are required to reset their own passwords.) Student and parent accounts were not migrated and will need to be re-created on or after July 5, 2022.

Will the way I log in change?

After July 5, 2022, you will log in to your account at a different website: MyZBPortal.com. For security reasons, you will be asked to update your password the first time you sign in.

Will students access Superkids Online Fun in the same way?

After July 5, 2022, students will log in to Superkids Online Fun with their own MyZBPortal.com username and password. Instead of picture passwords, students will use new, more secure alphanumeric passwords.

Instructions for assigning new passwords are provided on page 23 of the Superkids Teacher Quick Start Guide.

Stay tuned for more information about desktop shortcuts.

Our students use iPads/Android tablets to access Superkids Online Fun. Can they still do that?

The Superkids Online Fun native application remains available for download and use on iPads and Android tablets.

Does MyZBPortal.com offer single sign-on (SSO) authentication?

Yes, customers with a compatible learning management system (LMS) are able to enjoy the convenience of SSO between their LMS and MyZBPortal.com. This integration uses the LTI 1.1 specification and can be set up by district IT staff. Zaner-Bloser also offers this integration as a fee-based service.

Is historical student assessment score and game data available on the new platform?

No, because of architectural differences between the two platforms, historical data will not transfer. Any data you would like to save should be downloaded before June 17, 2022. (Not all products in the Superkids Portal have online assessments and/or games.)

Digital administrators: To download and save data, see the following pages of the Superkids Digital Administrator Quick Start Guide for instructions:

  • Assessment Scores on page 24
  • Games and Activity Reports on page 26

Teachers: To download and save data, see the following pages of the Superkids Teacher Quick Start Guide for instructions:

  • Assessment Scores for Specific Assessments on page 25
  • Assessment Scores for Specific Students on page 26
  • Games and Activity Reports on page 27

Do I still have access to all my resources?

Yes, all online resources are available at MyZBPortal.com. In some cases, they may look slightly different, but no resources have been removed.

Does MyZBPortal.com follow the same July 1–June 30 annual subscription year?

No, MyZBPortal.com offers a flexible-date annual subscription year. This means that your digital administrator will set the start date for the school or district.

Is MyZBPortal.com access tied to a minimum print materials purchase?

Yes, as with the Superkids Portal, access to MyZBPortal.com is included with purchase of consumable student materials for six or more students.

How will I receive my teacher/class license for MyZBPortal.com?

As in the Superkids Portal, your digital administrator is responsible for assigning licenses and creating teacher accounts. However, digital administrators can allow teachers to assign their own licenses from a list of available licenses at the school/district if they like. They can also turn off this functionality.

Is training offered for MyZBPortal.com?

Yes, a variety of training resources and opportunities are available.

  • Tutorial videos and Quick Start Guides for teachers and digital administrators are provided on our tech support webpage.
  • Role-based training webinars (for teachers and for digital administrators) appropriate for new and current customers are available to watch on demand. Locate the appropriate video in the Training Videos and Other Resources section above and watch today!
  • Implementation training for new program users will cover the basics of using MyZBPortal.com for instruction.

Contact Us

Our helpful team of professionals is here to assist you. If you have questions about the summer 2022 move to MyZBPortal.com, please contact a technical support representative 8:00 AM–6:00 PM ET, Monday–Friday.

Phone: 800.377.0824

E-mail: zbtechsupport@zaner-bloser.net