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The Voices Instructional Plan

Teacher Resource Guides are organized into six relevant themes (Identity Awareness, Perspective Taking, Conflict Resolution, Social Awareness, Love & Friendship, and Freedom & Democracy) that reflect the social development all students need to become productive members of their classroom, family, and community.

Each Guide is organized around a Central Question that relates the theme of the book to students' lives. Engaging activities in each of the six sections-Connect, Read, Discuss, Practice, Express, Participate-promote literacy and social skills development as they encourage critical thinking and connect classroom learning to students' interests and experiences.

Connect-The introduction of the Central Question and other prereading activities help students connect their personal experiences to the issues raised in the book.

Read-The teacher introduces the book and models comprehension strategies and skills.

Discuss-Whole-class discussions deepen comprehension and encourage students to think critically about the book's themes.

Practice-Activities encourage students to practice social skills and use reading strategies related to the Central Question and the book.

Express-Students use a variety of writing genres, including Literature Response Journal options, to express their understanding of the Central Question and the book. Each guide includes prompts for the following writing modes:

  • narrative
  • persuasive
  • expository
  • descriptive

Participate-Community service projects show students the importance of giving back to the community.

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