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Teacher Read-Alouds

Get students listening, speaking, thinking, and writing with Voices Literature & Writing’s Teacher Read-Alouds as you provide all students equal access to the content of rich, relevant, and culturally responsive literature that is

  • worth reading, discussing, and writing about.
  • centered on issues students care about.
  • written and illustrated by well-known and award-winning authors.

Voices Literature & Writing’s materials are organized around six program themes that guide instruction.

  • Identity Awareness
  • Perspective Taking
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Family, Friends, and Community
  • Social Awareness
  • Democracy

These six themes build across the grade levels with age-appropriate grade-level themes. Five Teacher Read-Alouds (Grades K–3) or three Teacher Read-Alouds (Grades 4–6) are included for each theme.

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