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Enrich Vocabulary With Word Wisdom!

Word Wisdom ©2013 aligns to the Common Core State Standards for Vocabulary Acquisition and Use! With this program, students will take ownership of new vocabulary as they

  • discover the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases, use context clues, analyze meaningful word parts, and consult reference materials.
  • demonstrate understanding of word relationships and nuances in word meanings.
  • acquire and use general academic and domain-specific words and phrases for reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Word Wisdom, recommended for Grades 3-8, is the only vocabulary program to offer direct and explicit instruction for nine Context Clues Strategies. The program improves vocabulary and comprehension through a simple instructional plan. Students

  • unlock the meaning of new words in context with key strategies.
  • process new words through activities that reinforce meanings.
  • apply new words through activities that access higher thinking skills.

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About the Author

“With the advent of the national Common Core State Standards’ emphasis on explicit vocabulary development in 
English language arts, school systems will be able to examine more closely their instructional practices in word
learning. School districts 
and teachers will need comprehensive, organized resources available to support teachers
in delivering such instruction. 
Word Wisdom has been specifically designed to address this need.”

-Jerry Zutell, Ph.D., Word Wisdom Author

Dr. Jerry Zutell is Professor Emeritus and former Director of the OSU Reading Clinic in the College of Education at The Ohio State University. His specific area of interest is the study of children's acquisition of word knowledge in reading and writing. He has authored research articles about assessing oral reading fluency, the stages of spelling development, and the connections between word knowledge in spelling and reading. He has also served as a volunteer and consultant on the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Project.

Program Components

Student Edition provides lessons for an entire year to help students unlock, process, and apply more than 300 new vocabulary words in the program as well as new vocabulary across the curriculum.



Teacher Edition provides annotated Student Edition pages, weekly and daily instructional planners, student learning objectives, assessment blackline masters, helpful tips that make teaching easy, and a correlation to the Common Core State Standards. Includes a CD-ROM with printable games and activities.


Classroom Poster (22" x 33") clearly displays the nine Context Clues Strategies students will use to unlock the meanings of new words. One side is for Grades 3-5; the reverse is for Grades 6-8. 22" x 33".


View the Word Wisdom online Program Resources

Grade Student Edition CD-ROM
 3 PDF       PDF
 4 PDF       PDF
 5 PDF       PDF
 6 PDF       PDF
 7 PDF       PDF
 8 PDF       PDF


Common Core State Standards

Word Wisdom takes the guesswork out of meeting the Common Core State Standards by providing a correlation guide in the Teacher Edition. As you plan your daily lessons, use this correlation to ensure that you meet the Common Core State Standards for Vocabulary Acquisition and Use.

Choose your grade level below to see how Word Wisdom correlates to the Common Core State Standards.



For additional information regarding correlations for your state, contact your local Sales Representative.

Aug 14
A review of the very large body of research related to the teaching and learning of vocabulary indicates that there are very strong reasons for implementing a systematic and principled approach to the teaching and subsequent learning of vocabulary as a cornerstone for developing comprehension.
Aug 14
An article by Jerry Zutell, Ph.D.

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