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Word Wisdom CD-ROM

The Word Wisdom CD-ROM included in every Teacher Edition enables you to print fun, hands-on activities that reinforce comprehension and extend vocabulary learning. CD-ROM contains:

Cut-Apart Cards

Cut-Apart Cards (including word cards, root and prefix cards, definition cards, and analogy cards) and instructions for Games and Activities are ready-made resources for whole-group, small-group, and independent practice. Fun Games and Activities include Meaning Memory, Vocabulary Bingo, Story Starters, Word Master, and more!

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Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizer Pages help students discover the meanings of words and their relationships to one another by categorizing, comparing, and contrasting words. The CD-ROM contains nine different Graphic Organizers, one for each Unit, including Venn Diagrams, Word Webs, and Word Trees, among others.

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Word Ladders

Word Ladder Pages teach students about the connections among a set of words and their meanings. Word Ladders are powerful tools for teaching students about the relationships among synonyms and antonyms and are practical tools for teaching students to use a thesaurus. Work with Word Ladders transfers to critical reading and strengthens students' word choice, adding precision and detail to their writing.

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