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Instructional Plan: Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4


Week 1: Context Clues

Students are introduced to vocabulary in nine thematic units. Week 1 of each unit starts by introducing students to new vocabulary words through a reading selection. Students use Context Clues Strategies to unlock word meanings.

  • Weekly thematic reading selection presents words in context.
  • Each four-week unit features a different Context Clues Strategy.
  • Use of the Context Clues Strategy is modeled.
  • Students practice using the Context Clues Strategy.
  • Students predict and check meanings with a graphic organizer.

Context Clues Strategies direct students to look for

  • objects or ideas related to the word.
  • definitions, descriptions, or synonyms.
  • antonyms.
  • the location or setting.
  • what the word is used for.
  • what the word is compared with
  • what the word is contrasted with
  • what kind of object, concept, or action the word is.
  • how something is done.

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