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Did You Know?

Did you know handwriting letters leads directly to reading and
mathematics acquisition?

According to researcher Dr. Laura Dinehart at Florida International University, handwriting is key to developing reading and mathematics skills. In a recent study, Dinehart found that four-year olds who demonstrate strong handwriting skills are more likely to have better reading and math skills in second grade.

Dinehart sampled 1,000 second graders in Miami-Dade County Public Schools and linked their grades and academic scores back to information collected from them PreKindergarten. She discovered that students who received high marks for fine motor writing tasks at age four had an average GPA of 3.02 in math and 2.84 in reading, while students who struggled with fine motor writing tasks averaged 2.30 in math and 2.12 in reading.

Even more remarkable is those students who did well on these tasks in PreKindergarten scored in the 59th percentile on the Reading SAT in second grade (just above average) and in the 62nd percentile on the Math SAT. This is compared to 38th and 37th percentile scores in Reading and Math, respectively, for second grade students who previously did poorly on the same PreKindergarten tasks.1


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