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Motor Skills

Video Modeling as an Effective Handwriting Instructional Strategy

Video modeling is an effective way to teach handwriting. It is appealing to teachers who find live letterform demonstration to be time consuming or difficult. Additional benefits to video modeling include an increased ability to gain and hold students’ attention, as well as the ability to have complete control over the activity. (Dowrick, 1991).

Steps for Video Modeling Handwriting in the Classroom

  1. Play the video lesson for the class. Let them watch the lesson as many times as needed so that they can get a grasp on the skill they need to perform.
  2. Ask your students to perform the technique along with the video. Let them attempt the skill on their own without any coaching from you.
  3. Provide your students with positive feedback and reinforcement if they are doing well.
  4. Later in the week, check their mastery of the skill by asking them to repeat what they learned. Show the video if necessary and repeat the steps until your students begin to master the skill.

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Dowrick, P. W. (1991). Practical Guide to Using Video in the Behavioral Sciences. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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