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Educating Students in the Computer Age to Be Multilingual by Hand

This edition’s research feature spotlights Virginia Berninger, one of the nation’s leading researchers on handwriting development, effective handwriting instruction, and the brain and genetic basis of writing. Dr. Berninger is professor of educational psychology at the University of Washington. The following is her response to a NASBE Policy Update on “The Handwriting Debate.”

The myth that handwriting is a dinosaur that has been left behind in the 21st century is widespread. Many parents, students, teachers, and policymakers are asking, “In an era of rapidly evolving technology, why would anyone have to write by pen or pencil when one can touch, click, select, and press?”

Still, educators today are expected to use evidence-based practices. So, what does the research evidence show about teaching handwriting? Is printing or cursive writing better? Is keyboarding or handwriting better? Is finger tracing, stylus or keyboarding better for technology tools? Are there unmet needs related to equity or diversity in writing instruction?

To answer these questions, read the complete article.

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