I Read to Write Teacher Reviews

We gave three teacher-bloggers an opportunity to try out I Read to Write and give their impartial feedback. The following are just some of their comments on the program features that appeal to them and their students. Be sure to visit their blogs to read the full reviews.

"...what I really loved were those tiny, yellow sticky-note images on the right-hand side of the article. These were the meat of the text-dependent question work and really had kids go back and underline, label, and then paraphrase, explain, or quote the text."

Stephanie Van Horn, the blogger at 3rd Grade Thoughts

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"LOTS of text features included! Rich text with quality text features isn’t as abundant [elsewhere] for second graders as it is for older kiddos. Love that this resource has quality text features!"

Brenda at Primary Inspired reviewed the second grade level of the program and was pleased to find articles with meaningful text features for her grade level.

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"Each of the [text sources is] highly engaging and very relevant to what my students are interested in (and what I am interested in as a teacher…hello, American Revolution!!)"

Teaching in Room 6 blogger Stephanie is a fan of the content-area text sources in the grade 5 program.

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Check out the engaging sources, text features, and sticky notes that these bloggers loved.

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