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The Zaner-Bloser Classic Pen is modeled on the original wooden quill pens designed and used by our founders, Charles Zaner and Elmer Bloser, in the late 1800s. With a "fit the fingers" grip, it provides an easy, comfortable writing grasp. More history...

Why is handwriting important in the age of computers?

It's proven that better handwriting skills lead to better literacy skills, and better literacy skills lead to more effective communication. With explicit handwriting instruction, your students can become more effective communicators.

Today at Zaner-Bloser, we are continuing Mr. Zaner’s enthusiasm for technology with new interactive whiteboard-ready Digital Resources for Handwriting. Click here to learn more about our new technology and the relevance of handwriting instruction and to view the complete digital program overview for Zaner-Bloser Handwriting ©2012.

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