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Zaner-Bloser Handwriting

Shaping Effective Communicators Samples


Spanish Materials

Edición del estudiante (Student Edition) includes step-by-step instruction and self-evaluation, meaningful practice and application, and fun activities presented in full color.

Guía del maestro (Teacher Guide) includes reduced student pages and translations of all objectives, stroke descriptions, and self-evaluation questions.

Hojas maestras de práctica (Practice Masters) includes more practice for every letter and skill and school-to-home activities and letters.

Digital Resources for Handwriting features letter and numeral formation animations with audio stroke descriptions in Spanish to reinforce instruction and model using clear academic language important for English Language Learners.

Support Materials


Handwriting Readiness Resources



Fine Motor Skills Development Resources

Fine Motor Skills Development Kit: Grades K—2
 CHOKING HAZARD. Not for under 3 yrs.*
 WARNING: Contains Functional Sharp Edge.

Promotes fine motor skills essential for handwriting.
The kit** includes a Teacher Guide by Mary Benbow,
occupational therapist, and the following manipulatives:

  • 2 pair of Benbow scissors (1 left-handed
    and 1 right-handed)
  • 4 beanbags
  • 1 lacing activity
  • 1 chalkboard with chalk
  • tweezers
  • 75 linking cubes
  • molding clay and roller
  • plastic castanets
  • 50 double-sided foam counters
  • 20 plastic chain links
  • plastic string
    **Contents subject to change

Pencil Grip
 CHOKING HAZARD. Not for under 3 yrs.*
Contoured shape guides fingers to rest naturally
against the pencil to reduce muscle strain and fatigue.
Assorted colors include blue, orange, black, yellow,
green, and red.

Touch and Trace Cards: PreK—3
Molded grooves help children feel each letter and number. Directional arrows teach correct formation. Features Zaner-Bloser’s simplified alphabet and numerals. Includes 31 cards and Teacher Guide. Manuscript cards measure 8" x 5"; cursive cards measure 10" x 5".

Write-On, Wipe-Off Practice Board: Grades PreK—1
Practice boards have handwriting grid lines for portable handwriting practice. Use with dry-erase markers (not included).
9" x 12", laminated

Magnetic Dry-Erase Board & Letters
 CHOKING HAZARD. Not for under 3*
Provide activities for letter recognition, letter sounds, matching, making words, and word families. Child-safe foam magnetic letters; 111/2" x 111⁄2" board

Wikki Stix® provide tactile, hands-on learning as children form basic strokes, letters, and numerals. Includes more than 450 waxed yarn sticks in a variety of colors.

Writing Frame holds the pencil at the proper angle and requires writer to use correct hand position. Fits any pencil or pen. Adapts for left- and right-handed writers.




Practice Materials


Practice Masters provides more practice for every
letter and skill and offers school-to-home activities
and letters.

Home Handwriting Pack Convenient, affordable foldout includes an alphabet poster, handwriting activities, illustrations of writing positions, and more.


Alphabet Models


Alphabet Wall Strips
Sectional wall strips for above the board feature uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. Manuscript/Cursive wall strip now features directional arrows. Each section of wall strip is 22" x 81⁄2". Total length varies.
Animal Alphabet Cards
From alligators to zebras, our letter cards make learning the ABCs more interesting and fun! Reverse side features facts about the animal, upper- and lowercase letters with directional arrows, and stroke descriptions. 81⁄2" x 11"
Alphabet Desk Strips
Great reference for students desks and your writing center!
20" x 41⁄2, laminated
Manuscript/Cursive Cards
Now with directional arrows! Each card displays manuscript on the front and cursive on the back. 6" x 4"

Alphabet Cards display uppercase letters on one side and lowercase letters on the back. 26 laminated, full-color, 81⁄2" x 11" cards

Sentence Strips
Strips to write on and place anywhere in your classroom.
Poster Super Pack The perfect addition to the handwriting classroom. Each poster measures 17" x 22". Includes:
  • Manuscript and Cursive Alphabet posters
  • Keys to Legibility poster (with manuscript on
    one side and cursive on reverse)
  • Handwriting Positions poster (with manuscript
    on one side and cursive on reverse)

Adhesive Desk Strips
Removable self-adhesive strips are a great way to put the entire alphabet on each student’s desk. 18" x 2" each, roll of 35 strips



Handwriting Tools


Zaner-Bloser Classic Pen A “fit the fingers” grip provides an
easy, comfortable writing grasp.


Evaluation Stamp For quick handwriting assessment and self-evaluation. Stamp features Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Keys to Legibility. For use with standard inkpad (not included).



Grade K
3⁄4" horizontal ruling, red baseline, broken midline, with descender space, 8"x 101⁄2"


Grade 1
5⁄8" horizontal ruling, red baseline, broken midline, with descender space, 8"x 101⁄2"


Grade 2
1⁄2" horizontal ruling, red baseline, broken midline, with descender space, 8"x 101⁄2"

Story Writing Paper Paper has 5⁄8" horizontal rulings, red baselines, and broken midlines on 18"x 12" sheets. Provides ample space for student drawings.

Grade 3
3⁄8" vertical ruling, red baseline, broken midline, with descender space, 8"x 101⁄2"

Grade 4
(First half of year) 3⁄8" vertical ruling, blue baseline, broken midline, with descender space, 8"x 101⁄2"

Grade 4
(Second half of year)
Grades 5 & up
3⁄8" vertical ruling, blue baseline, no midline, with no descender space, 8"x 101⁄2"




Writing Journals
These high-quality journals feature Zaner-Bloser rulings appropriate for elementary grades. Spiral-bound, 100 pages.
English/Spanish Story Journals
These journals provide plenty of space for both
text and pictures. 24 pages each.
My ABC Journal
Build emergent literacy as you teach students their ABCs. Each page introduces a letter and provides a literacy activity and a home-involvement activity. 32 unlined pages.


* WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.


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