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Teacher Edition

For Grades K-6

Confidently teach handwriting in 15 minutes per day with the easy-to-use Teacher Edition. The three-step lesson presents a clear, simple instructional plan-Model, Practice, Evaluate-and includes

  • step-by-step instructions for a wide variety of activities to make teaching handwriting fun and easy.
  • embedded professional development to help teachers meet the needs of all students.
  • many opportunities to differentiate instruction.

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting works with any language arts curriculum to fully support reading and writing instruction. Instruction is developmentally appropriate and includes many activities that are already familiar to teachers.

Also available in eBook format online, the Teacher Edition features include

  • clearly stated objectives that guide instruction.
  • short, clear stroke descriptions that use academic language and give teachers the exact words to use when modeling.
  • instructions to model using skywriting with large muscle movements that reinforce the motor patterns for forming strokes and letters.
  • references to Practice Masters that allow the teacher to match additional practice to students' needs.

The Teacher Edition provides many opportunities to differentiate instruction:

  • Tips From an Occupational Therapist include gross and fine motor development activities developed by leading occupational therapists.
  • Support for English Language Learners provides the teacher with cultural notes and activities appropriate for students at varying levels of language acquisition.
  • Multisensory activities for kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learners contribute to the handwriting success of all students and are also perfect for differentiated instruction.

Differentiation can be accomplished both in whole-group instruction and in work stations or learning centers.

By explicitly teaching all students in the correct developmental sequence and by differentiating for students' specific needs, all students progress. This reduces the need for costly handwriting-related occupational therapy.


Teacher Edition eBooks

Available online, this interactive Teacher Edition makes it easy for teachers to plan and review handwriting lessons from home.

  • Navigate from the Table of Contents and turn pages.
  • Search for keywords.
  • Save notes and highlighted text.

Sample What's Inside the Teacher Edition and Teacher Edition eBook for your grade level.

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