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Rote memorization is not a sufficient measure of spelling knowledge. Spelling Connections is the only program to confirm that spelling mastery has taken place!


Words for Assessment measures students' mastery of the featured spelling concepts and assesses how well this knowledge is transferred to unfamiliar words.

Assessment and Review Units provide new words for summative and formative assessment. On the unit pretest, students apply the spelling principles covered in previous units to new, unseen words to assess mastery of previously taught concepts.

Each week, Differentiated Assessment is provided for all students through on, below, and above level posttest dictation sentences.
Standardized Test Practice

Spelling Connections provides two options for standardized test practice.

  • Use the reproducible test masters included in the Standardized Test Master Book to conduct the differentiated weekly spelling test and provide high-stakes testing practice.
  • Prepare students for high-stakes tests with the standardized test practice integrated into every Assessment and Review unit of the Spelling Connections Student Edition.


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